Our mission since 2017 has been to design the ultimate fishing coat. We set out to make the most waterproof, breathable and comfortable fishing coat so you can continue fishing in any conditions.


In 2014, the English entrepreneur and designer Chris Frost began designing clever, stylish, changing solutions and jackets. In 2017 the innovative fabric technology and advanced materials resulted in the Catchdry, the ultimate fishing coat.

We continue to use technical materials and advanced engineering to create our own future and empower people to enjoy fishing with their Catchdry coats.

Technology & Passion

Catchdry uses advanced technical materials which can be defined as waterproof, durable, breathable and windproof.

Our core outer material is a membrane sandwiched between a face fabric and an inner layer and made by laminating a waterproof yet microporous membrane to a face fabric.

Tested In Extreme Conditions

Our Catchdry textile technology is meticulously crafted to deliver unparalleled performance and comfort. Starting from the inception of ideas to rigorous testing in real-world scenarios, we ensure excellence at every phase of development.

Consistent Innovation

The latest Catchdry is the result of years of experience and the feedback from our customers. We continue to evolve and change the product when we find superior materials or develop design enhancements.